The Adventures of Jasmine

Girl Talk Continued

On A Ledge
            We went into the locker room to change for class just taking our time like usual. My eyes though roamed over her in an entirely new different way. She was going to need a new bra soon the soft swells of her breasts spilling over.
“What are you baking bread in your bra?” I laughed poking her flesh.
“Ugh I know! I wish they’d just stop already! It hurts when they grow. And I

“You what?” I inquired at her interruption. “Come on Monica, you can tell me anything.”

“I can’t help but touch them when they’re like that. It’s the only thing that makes them feel better.”

I smiled at her admission, knowing that it took a lot to say it in front of me, and knowing that my secret would have a safe place within her.

“I wish mine were as big as yours. Your clothes look better filled out.” I complimented.

“Thanks but didn’t you hear what David said? God he pretty much said you were the prettiest girl at our table! I was so jealous!”

“Really? Me?” I was so surprised. I knew I was attractive, but I would have figured boys would want a girl with womanly curves, and though I was getting them, Monica already had them.

“You don’t know how hot you are, do you?” she looked at me then, up and down and smiled as if she liked what she saw. It made me feel hot all over. I had started to take off my clothes to change so she was glaring at my half naked body.

“No but I know how hot you are.” I said boldly. “Monica, do you ever, ya know, do what David said?”

“Oh God, I do it all the time Jas.  I felt like she was talking directly to me. I was so embarrassed.” She said honestly.

“I do it all the time too. I’ve been wondering if anyone else did it. Would you show me how you do it?” I asked, making the face that I made when I wanted my Daddy to buy me something expensive. I called it my “don’t say no” face.

“God Jas, when you look at me like that I just want to do anything. Okay I’ll show you.” As she lay down on the bench and pulled her panties aside I saw her wet flesh and wanted to touch her. I’d never wanted to touch another girl like this and I felt embarrassed that I liked how she was making me feel.  She pulled her bra cups down and her flesh escaped and I saw her skin flush. Her breasts were clearly just as excited as I was to be free of their confines.

Monica had obviously been masturbating longer than I had as she expertly pushed two fingers into her pussy and with her thumb flicked at her clit. I was amazed at her multitasking and she kept pulling her panties tighter with her other hand. She started to moan and rock against her fingers her breasts bobbing up and down gently with the motion.

“Oh it feels so good. I can’t stop. It’s all I think about. I feel so dirty doing this in front of you.” She said. Her words were starting to get to me, and my pussy pulsed between my legs. I reached into my own panties finding my flesh wet and swollen with the need to come. I wanted to keep her talking so I asked her questions.

“What do you think about when you do it?” Knowing I’d make something up if she asked me back. I couldn’t tell her my secret. I just couldn’t. Even now with her open pussy in front of me I still thought about him and how hard he made me come. Monica’s faced flushed and she averted her eyes and I could tell she didn’t want to say.

“I saw my parents having sex. When I touch myself like this I think about that. Being with a man like that. Watching my stepfather as he pounds my mother’s pussy over and over and over again, it was so hot. I touched myself while I watched through the crack in the door. Ohh fuck I’m going to come!” she cried.

I was so shocked! I found myself curious as to what the act actually looked like. I was jealous that she had seen a real live hard cock, had seen real fucking, and I wanted to see it too.  Wanting to encourage her to keep going I rubbed my clit faster.
“You look so hot Monica. You’re making me so horny.  I’m gonna come so hard just from watching you to touch your pretty little pussy!”

“Come with me! Now!” She screamed and I watched her breasts and thighs quiver with her orgasm. I didn’t know where to watch, this sexual feast for my eyes. I loved that her fingers were glistening coming from inside her and I remembered from before sucking my juices off my fingers. I wanted to do the same to her and knew I would if she’d let me. That thought was too much for me and I came too.