The Adventures of Jasmine

Girl Talk Continued
On A Ledge  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             We went into the locker room to change for class just taking our time like usual. My eyes though roamed over her in an entirely new different way. She was going to need a new bra soon the soft swells of her breasts spilling over. “What are you baking bread in your bra?” I laughed poking her flesh. “Ugh I know! I wish they’d just stop already! It hurts when they grow. And I—
“You what?” I inquired at her interruption. “Come on Monica, you can tell me anything.”
“I can’t help but touch them when they’re like that. It’s the only thing that makes them feel better.”
I smiled at her admission, knowing that it took a lot to say it in front of me, and knowing that my secret would have a safe place within her.
“I wish mine were as big as yours. Your clothes look better filled out.” I complimented.
“Thanks but didn’t you hear what David said? God he pretty much said you were the prettiest girl at our table…

Girl Talk!

On A Ledge “All right ladies who is it?” he asked harshly. “What are you talking about David?” Jasmine said. “Statistics show that 1 in 5 girls masturbate. There are 5 of you here. So who is it?” he laughed at his own punch line then looked at each of us in the face. I could feel the heat of my cheeks as I burned with embarrassment, knowing that in this group it was definitely me. Something told me that David knew it was me too. “If I had to guess, I’d say it’s Veronica. I mean who could resist touching herself when they looked like her?” “Shut up David, get lost” Abby snapped. She had a crush on him, and I take it she didn’t like hearing him say he was attracted to me. I wanted him to leave too, but I couldn’t hide that I was excited I knew he was attracted to me. Maybe if I could muster the courage I’d ask him out. My mind made the connection that if he was my boyfriend he would probably want to touch me, and I could feel my body responding to the arousal even through the haze of my hum…

Bad Ass Art


The Adventures of Chase and Jasmine

Debating on smoking away my problems....
I woke up that morning like I did every morning. Horny.
 I rubbed my already swollen clit through my panties and thought about my last sexual tryst. I had let my boyfriend fuck my ass yesterday. As much of a slut as my school thought I was I was technically a virgin.
I liked attention. Most females never gave me positive attention so it was up to me to get it from the boys. I would suck their dicks and swallow their cum and take it in my ass for them but I still had my cherry. Technically. I broke my hymen on my horse riding one day but nothing bigger than two of my own fingers had ever been inside of me. Until today. I thought it day like any other. I got myself off, got ready for school, and picked up a quick breakfast on the way out. I wore a short skirt, also very usual for me and left my big curly hair to its own devices. It was always unruly so I thought never to tame it. I kind of lived my life like that; untamed. I got through most of the …

She Couldn't Wait pt 2

 Girls Think Too Much

"Theoretically speaking, I'm trying to hold back this description of suggestive pension that I have built up in my head, I guess I might just be another poet dead, but unless I make a mends(amends) with myself to give you the language of wealth, unless I take a stand how else will you know when and when not to lend a hand, how else will we take a stand and return the love back to the land, or am I speaking to fast, because you thought my rhymes where just fun facts and a blast but behind my words I speak the truth cash moves fast so spit the juice if you got it to give don't be selfish and if you’re a damsel stressing don’t be helpless but I’m not saying go be desperate but I don’t need to tell ya’ll how to play the game I’m just saying go on ahead and do your thing but don’t think everything in life is always one way.” 
Don't forget what you read lesbians love hard. The writer felt that she was indicative and indecisive and she chose to write ab…

Bad Ass Art


She Really Couldn't Wait

I was asleep. The bed was perfectly comfortable and warm. It had long achieved the equilibrium that comes from transferring heat back and forth from layers of fabric to warm body for hours. Slowly consciousness broke through like a Dam about to burst. It was violent. Leaving good sleep is always violent. Yet to awaken the way I am is the only thing that turns wakeful violence to soft moans.  Blinking sleep out of eyes,  to quivering thighs.  There she was, my beautiful lover, between my thighs fucking me. Worshipping my body like it was worthy of such praise.  I didn't deserve her. I was still irritated. (That spot was perfection!) I ruined the moment and left the comfort of our bed,  in lieu of the commode.  I heard her say "I'm sorry"  before the door closed. I kept hearing three words in the back of my mind :
SHE COULDN'T WAIT?!?  I was going to wake up soon!  SHE COULDN'T WAIT?!? I was asleep!  SHE COULDN'T WAIT.

Slowly that mantra stopped fueling my ang…