She Couldn't Wait pt 2

 Girls Think Too Much

"Theoretically speaking, I'm trying to hold back this description of suggestive pension that I have built up in my head, I guess I might just be another poet dead, but unless I make a mends(amends) with myself to give you the language of wealth, unless I take a stand how else will you know when and when not to lend a hand, how else will we take a stand and return the love back to the land, or am I speaking to fast, because you thought my rhymes where just fun facts and a blast but behind my words I speak the truth cash moves fast so spit the juice if you got it to give don't be selfish and if you’re a damsel stressing don’t be helpless but I’m not saying go be desperate but I don’t need to tell ya’ll how to play the game I’m just saying go on ahead and do your thing but don’t think everything in life is always one way.” 

Don't forget what you read lesbians love hard.
The writer felt that she was indicative and indecisive and she chose to write about love.