The Adventures of Chase and Jasmine

Debating on smoking away my problems....
I woke up that morning like I did every morning. Horny.
 I rubbed my already swollen clit through my panties and thought about my last sexual tryst. I had let my boyfriend fuck my ass yesterday. As much of a slut as my school thought I was I was technically a virgin.
I liked attention. Most females never gave me positive attention so it was up to me to get it from the boys. I would suck their dicks and swallow their cum and take it in my ass for them but I still had my cherry. Technically. I broke my hymen on my horse riding one day but nothing bigger than two of my own fingers had ever been inside of me. Until today. I thought it day like any other. I got myself off, got ready for school, and picked up a quick breakfast on the way out. I wore a short skirt, also very usual for me and left my big curly hair to its own devices. It was always unruly so I thought never to tame it. I kind of lived my life like that; untamed. I got through most of the day regular boring repetition. That is until my Geography class before lunch that afternoon. I sat in the front row. I am very smart. I do what I'm supposed to,this is a school overall.  But my teacher was so fucking hot. He was tall with long dark hair, blue eyes and the sexiest stubble on his strong jaw. He insisted on us calling him Professor to prepare us for college he said. Professor. I got wet every time I said it. I loved to tease him. And today was no different. I pretended to run into him and dropped everything I was holding. I apologized profusely and bent over at the waist backing up into him to pick everything up, pressing my barely covered ass into his crotch. I heard a few groans from the chicks in the class.  Jealous Bitches. I bet they could tell by the look on his face he wanted to move my panties over and enter me right then. That made me wet too.  Thinking about fucking him in front of everyone. Man,  I was so fucking horny! I sat down in my chair after retrieving my things from the floor. I heard the girl behind me say slut under her breath. Her tone made my pussy clench and I don't know why. It didn't sound like she was jealous like the other girls, more like she didn't care that I was a dirty whore. She just wanted me to know that was how she felt. For the first time I burned with a secret shame, none of the other derisive scoffs I heard ever made me feel. Which was so ironic. I felt ashamed when she didn't judge me but made my wanton ways known. I wanted to talk to her after class but didn't know what she would say. I have never been so intrigued by someone especially another teenaged girl. I hung back and so did she,  taking our time gathering up our belongings. Professor having rushed to lunch. As she walked past me I said I heard what you said. You don't get to judge me bitch. My familiar indignation kicking in taking me back in to my usual self and covering my secret shame. She stopped and turned around and laughed. Actually laughed. The sound was like bells so beautiful but cold. She said we both know I didn't judge you. I called you a slut, yes, but I didn't say it to judge you. I said it cause I finally figured you out. I laughed this time. You don't know me bitch. I walked past her towards the door and I didn't know what happened. She came behind me so fast that I couldn't defend myself. I felt her fist close in my hair her hand push me over the end of the Professor's desk and bend at the waist and her hand moving my panties aside and plunging three fingers inside of me. I was so fucking wet I felt my cheeks burn that it was so easy for her to get inside my body but that's why I dressed like I did. My boyfriend would have quickies throughout the day sometimes. It never occurred to me someone else might take advantage of my easy access. I felt the wood against my cheek and my palms burned with the force my body landed on the desk. I heard a satisfied moan from my assailant at my pussy and that made me clench again. I shouldn't be reacting this way. Her fingers were so thick though and pressed right against that spot that makes me behave like I do. Am I being raped? Is it rape if I'm wetter than I have ever fucking been in my life. I didn't even notice she had grabbed my hands and let go of my hair. I don't even know her name. That truth made me utter the first word since she attacked me. Stop. A small request not a blood curdling scream. At the word, I felt her fingers stop moving but they didn't retreat a single inch. I don't know if that made me happy or not. How am I  supposed to feel?! Come on Jas I know I felt your tight wet little pussy squeeze my fingers three times already. I couldn't believe how right she was. She just knew. You can't lie to someone who is still in your body. The more I talk the more I feel your body clench up like a hot velvety glove. So fucking tight. Every time she spoke my body responded to her. See clench clench clench you listen so well. I wanted to scream out yes baby don't stop and let her fuck me on the desk I've fantasized about being spread wide on for months. I felt like she just owned my pussy. It was for her to fuck and use how she saw fit. That thought turned me on so much. But she just seemed to know this is what I needed when I acted out. Someone who would put me in my place and punish me for it. I heard her cum. That set me off so hard. The idea that she was having an orgasm from just being inside of me not touching herself made me wonder for the first time if she was wet. I imagined myself between her legs on my knees. I said the only thing I could think of to make her stop. So I could get her pussy into my mouth. Why should I stop if you fucking love it so much you dirty little whore. You're cumming. You're cumming right fucking now. I was cumming. Harder than I ever thought I could. Because I'm a virgin I moaned and came all over her hand the moment I said it. I soaked myself, my panties, the desk, her hand, some papers. I squirted so fucking hard. She pulled her hand out slowly and I came again. How did you know my name? I asked. 

She batted her eyes and said," the biggest slut, the sexiest girl in school doesn't know why I know her name. "

It made me confused to hear those things from her. I liked it but felt that burn of shame again. Which made me tingle between my legs and wish I hadn't told my biggest secret to her. 

Chase said to me,"I have heard guys talking about fucking you. "

"Yeah so?" My eyes widened.

 "So what the fuck do you mean you're a virgin?"

" I only let them fuck my asshole. I suck their dicks and one eats me out, my boyfriend now but your fingers are the widest my pussy has ever been stretched," I felt a wave of arousal hit me so hard when I confessed that. Only one of them had ever eaten you out? I blushed. Yes. He didn't even know women came too until I asked him to make me cum. Then he said how so I said like I made you cum. He had just shot his load on my mouth and throat and so he put his mouth on my pussy. I came so fast that I begged him not to stop. I let him fuck my ass after that. And he became my boyfriend. That was Monday. She looked amazed. It was Thursday. She said you act like you wrote the book on sex.

I don't, I just.... And I stopped talking. 

"What' go on spit it out you've told me everything already." I felt that shame again return and light a fire between my legs. I couldn't look her in the face. I stared at my feet and whispered I just do what my pussy tells me to do. She moaned and closed the distance between us and kissed me. My legs trembled and my pussy gushed when she pushed her tongue in my mouth. Then our teacher coughed and we turned to the door he was back lit in the door frame watching two of his hottest female students making out. He didn't even try to cover up his massive dick tenting his pants. I wanted to suck it. I would cum so hard taking his dick to the face with her watching. Being the filthy slut I am at school just for her because she makes it ok. 

"This is a class room Chase and I would expect more from you. Jasmine you know the importance of education so I thought even you had your limits." He said

"And I thought the place was empty," I couldn't help but laugh that cock was huge and I knew what was about to happen....