She Really Couldn't Wait

I was asleep. The bed was perfectly comfortable and warm. It had long achieved the equilibrium that comes from transferring heat back and forth from layers of fabric to warm body for hours. Slowly consciousness broke through like a Dam about to burst. It was violent. Leaving good sleep is always violent. Yet to awaken the way I am is the only thing that turns wakeful violence to soft moans.  Blinking sleep out of eyes,  to quivering thighs.  There she was, my beautiful lover, between my thighs fucking me. Worshipping my body like it was worthy of such praise.  I didn't deserve her. I was still irritated. (That spot was perfection!) I ruined the moment and left the comfort of our bed,  in lieu of the commode.  I heard her say "I'm sorry"  before the door closed. I kept hearing three words in the back of my mind : 

I was going to wake up soon! 
I was asleep! 

Slowly that mantra stopped fueling my anger and started igniting my passion for her. Chase. She really couldn't wait to fuck me until I was awake? God she really couldn't resist my naked body? She really couldn't wait to hear and see me orgasm for her? Fucking hot.
I splashed some water on my face and went back to bed.  I made her cum first. I just couldn't wait.