Girl Talk!

On A Ledge
“All right ladies who is it?” he asked harshly.
“What are you talking about David?” Jasmine said.
“Statistics show that 1 in 5 girls masturbate. There are 5 of you here. So who is it?” he laughed at his own punch line then looked at each of us in the face.
I could feel the heat of my cheeks as I burned with embarrassment, knowing that in this group it was definitely me. Something told me that David knew it was me too.
“If I had to guess, I’d say it’s Veronica. I mean who could resist touching herself when they looked like her?”
“Shut up David, get lost” Abby snapped. She had a crush on him, and I take it she didn’t like hearing him say he was attracted to me. I wanted him to leave too, but I couldn’t hide that I was excited I knew he was attracted to me. Maybe if I could muster the courage I’d ask him out. My mind made the connection that if he was my boyfriend he would probably want to touch me, and I could feel my body responding to the arousal even through the haze of my humiliation.
“So Jas is it true?” he asked, knowing that I’m not a liar. I would say the truth even if it embarrassed me. I felt trapped. My silence was as good as a yes, and if I said no I’d be a liar.
“Maybe.  Maybe not. I’d only tell something like that to my boyfriend.” I said slyly.
“Hmm, that can be arranged.” He said and he winked. Then he took his chair to the next table of girls to undoubtedly pull the same line.
“What a prick!” Danielle said. I realized that Monica had been quiet the whole time too, and wondered if she was also embarrassed because she thought she was the only one. I realized that if she masturbated too, maybe we could do it together. Having another person there increased my orgasm, and I was almost desperate to reach that same level of intensity, but couldn’t figure out how to unless I went to my father again. I looked at Monica for what felt like the first time. With her full lips and even fuller breasts she was enticing. She had straight dark hair like me, but blue eyes not green. But her eyes were big and bright lighting up her whole face and right now she looked down as if trying to not be noticed. Which considering how low cut her blouse was didn’t make much sense, unless she too was just as embarrassed as I was.
“Hey Moni, I’m going to gym early, wanna come with?” I asked hoping she’d take the bait. Monica was my closest friend in this group and wasn’t judgmental. She was also the furthest along the puberty line, having gotten her period a few months before me.  I never noticed her body before today, but thinking about us together made me wet.
“Sure Jas.” She smiled at our rhyming pet names for each other. She was wearing a short skirt and when she lifted her leg over the bench I saw the flash of her black panties.

“Bye guys.” We said in unison.